BioMedia filtration

BioMedia is an environmentally friendly filter technology that removes dissolved pollutants more efficiently than any other competing filter technology on the market. The filter system is also easy to use and functions for long periods without the need for time consuming filter changes.

What is BioMedia?

The specially manufactured filter media used in the BioMedia filters effectively remove what is commonly called heavy metals – for example copper, lead, zinc and arsenic. It also removes various dissolved organic compounds – from oil-based contaminants to chlorinated pollutants. This means that our BioMedia filter efficiently treat most dissolved pollutants.

A specially developed carbon material

BioMedia filters uses a specially developed filter material produced from wood, that through a special heating process generates a filter material with a very large surface area. BioMedia resembles active carbon, but has a different surface chemistry. This provides a high ability to adsorb the contaminants that need to be removed from the water. 99.9%

Treatment efficiency

In most treatment projects, BioMedia filters reaches a treatment rate of up to 99.9 percent. However, the treatment efficiency may vary, depending on the starting concentration of the contaminants and other specific water quality parameters.

10 times more effective than other filters

The BioMedia filter is very effective. We have conducted several studies where it is shown to provide better treatment efficiency than other filter media, such as activated charcoal or ion exchange filters, for all dissolved pollutants. Generally, BioMedia is 10 times more effective than activated charcoal, but for individual pollutants the treatment rate can be 100 times higher. 200 L / MIN –

5 times greater flow

The bioMedia filter is delivered in a practical IBC containers as standard, with a size of approximately 1 cubic meter. Each filter module has the capacity to treat approximately 150 to 200 liters per minute, depending on the substances in the incoming water. Studies have shown that this is a five times higher flow compared with what can be achieved for filter with activated charcoal. Such a high flow rate is of major advantages in projects where you need to process large quantities of water.

Easy to use

Because the BioMedia filter is based on simple technology, it does not require any special skills to use. After a short introduction, anyone can handle the filter during the treatment process.

Working without filter changes

Because BioMedia filters is not pressurized and only uses gravity flow, any particles present in the incoming water will not be forced into the filter pads. Instead, the particles accumulate on top of the filter pads, which makes them easy to wipe off or wash away. This way, the filter last for a long time, without the time-consuming filter changes required by other solutions in the market. In addition, BioMedia is often used as a second treatment step after chitosan treatment, which means that most particles in the incoming water never even reach the BioMedia filter.

Low energy consumption

Because the filter is not pressurized and only uses gravity, the treatment method requires very little energy.

Used filter = Super fertilizer and carbon sink

If used BioMedia filters do not contain harmful substances, they may be used as land fillers. They also become excellent as soil culture medium as they support soil nutrition, prevent nutrient leakage and provide a good environment for microbes and mycorrhiza. In the United States, for example, the material is used to grow tomatoes, which are extra-large thanks to the added nutrition. BioMedia is also a carbon sink because it is stable for thousands of years and does not leak carbon dioxide, while it prevents emissions of other greenhouse gases.

How BioMedia filters work:

  • Contaminated water is pumped in to the BioMedia filters for treatment
  • The water is then gravity filtered through the filter modules for the removal of both particles and dissolved pollutants
  • Clean water is led from the bottom of the filters, offering treatment efficiency of up to 99.9 %

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