Mobile passive flocculation

The chitosan technology is based on flocculation and sedimentation of particles and other particle-bound contaminants. IT was originally developed in Seattle, USA where it has proven to be a highly effective method for water treatment.

How does passive water treatment work?

Swedish Hydro Solutions has further developed the treatment method. This has resulted in lower costs, improved reliability and a system which is easier to operate and service. The system is patented and has been designed to meet the stringent treatment benchmarks from authorities and to be able to manage the high flows of stormwater that can occur during large construction and infrastructure projects.

Flocculation substance

The treatment chemistry is called chitosan, it is a completely biodegradable substance derived from crab shells. In the U.S the chitosan water treatment method has been named a “Best Management Practices” (BMP) for stormwater treatment. BMP’s are methods which have been approved by the state regulatory agencies to meet the federal water treatment legislation, the Clean Water Act.

Dosing system

The patent pending dosing system is installed in a mobile trailer. Incoming water is pumped to the dosing system where it comes in contact with the chitosan Biosocks and chitosan is dosed passively to the water. From the trailer the water is pumped to a sedimentation tank where the flocculated particles settle out and the water can be discharged to the environment..


The mobile system has a capacity to treat up to 1,000 liters per minute (60 m3/hour or 16 l/s). The system can easily be scaled up for higher flows if needed. The weight of a chitosan Biosock is 0,5 kg and it can treat up to 200 m3 of water, depending on the quality of incoming water.

Mobile system dimensions

The mobile system has the capacity to treat up to 50 m3/hour, but can easily be scaled up to also handle greater flows. One chitosan Biosock weighs 0,5 kg and treats  500 m3of water, depending on the quality of the incoming water.


75 cm x 165 cm. Additional space will be required for the sedimentation tank.


  • Treats 1000 litres/min
  • Treats 200 000 litres per Biosock
  • Biodegradable
  • Verified (Toxicity studies)
  • Neutral pH
  • BMP-certified
  • Thousands of reference projects
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Safe
  • Financially viable

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Our water treatment systems are used in areas, including:

  • Construction and infrastructure projects
  • Industrial stormwater and process water
  • Waste Management facilities
  • Sand and gravel quarries
  • The mining industry
  • Urban development
  • Ports/Airports/Transportation hubs
  • Roads/tunnels
  • Drinking water system for developing countries and disaster areas (In development)

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