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Swedish Hydro Solutions offers both knowledge as well as unique products for efficient and environmentally sustainable treatment of large volumes of water.

Swedish Hydro Solutions is based on decades of professional knowledge and experience. The company’s technology is a further development of the revolutionary chitosan flocculation developed in the United States in the late 1990’s by the company’s technical expert and advisor, John Macpherson.

Best water treatment method on the market

With the most efficient and sustainable methods in the market, we handle stormwater from construction projects. We also offer treatment methods for managing process water from the mining industry, from quarrys and gravel pits and water from various infrastructure projects such as bridges, railways and roads.

There is no other treatment method that can compete with the technical solution we offer. No other method can manage large amounts of water as efficiently, easily and cost-effectively as we do. And it’s all environmentally friendly with only biodegradable consumables, without the harmful and environmentally hazardous chemicals that other methods use

Prevents the world’s largest environmental problem

One of the world’s biggest environmental problem and challenge is polluted water. It is at least as big problem – if not greater – as the climate issue. Water is one of the foundations of a functioning society, and is needed both to produce energy and our food. At the same time, clean water is in short supply in many parts of the world.

Even in Sweden, where we previously have been spoiled with easy and abundant access to clean water, the issue of water becomes an increasing problem. At the same time, there have been no effective water treatment methods for stormwater in Sweden or in Europe – until now.

Swedish Hydro Solutions innovative solutions actively contribute to a better world and change environmental policy in Europe.

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