This is Swedish Hydro Solutions

Swedish Hydro Solutions delivers unique products and services for efficient and environmentally sustainable treatment of large volumes of water: on a monthly rental basis. We are knowledgeable and easy to work with and offer a helping hand to organizations that are facing demands to match increasing local water treatment requirements. We enable a sustainable change in the water treatment industry.

Our history

The company was founded in 2015 by Jakob Sjöberg and Anders Lindqvist. Based on 10 years of experience in the North American water treatment market, Jakob had developed technical solutions and content knowledge, as well as the first ideas for a viable business plan. Anders contributed with a wealth of Swedish market knowledge and many contacts in the Swedish market. This made a fast start-up of the company possible. In 2016, Jakob and Anders, together with the first employees, succeeded in getting the innovative solution prototypes approved and put into operation. Already by 2018, the company had taken a strong market position in delivering environmentally friendly and cost-effective mobile water treatment solutions to the Swedish market.

Swedish Hydro Solutions provides effective, robust and easy-to use treatment solutions. Our organization also possesses market leading knowledge on how to solve complex treatment problems, combined with a strong team of service technicians. The fact that our treatment technology is based around a safe and biodegradable treatment product, called chitosan, positions us as an even more unique treatment solutions provider.

— Jakob Sjöberg, CTO & Founder, Swedish Hydro Solutions

What we do

We treat dirty and contaminated drainage and stormwater from infrastructure and various construction projects (bridges, railways, and highways). Followed by tailored solutions for industrial stormwater, process water from the mining industry, as well as from quarries and gravel pits.

Our method is one of the most effective, simple, and cost-efficient solutions for treating large volumes of water. It is also completely environmentally friendly, using biodegradable consumables and free from the harmful and environmentally hazardous substances found in other methods.

The water challenge

One of the world’s major environmental challenges is polluted water. Water is a basic element for any functioning society. Globally, clean water is in short supply in many parts of the world.

Even in Sweden, where access to clean water was long seen as a given, the availability of clean water is becoming an increasing problem. Swedish Hydro Solutions believes its innovative approach will be able to actively contribute to improved future water treatment not only in Sweden, but to the whole of Europe.

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