Sedimentation is a fundamental process in water treatment, playing a vital role in eliminating particles and particle associated contaminants from water. This process allows particles to settle to the bottom of sedimentation tanks, separating the solids from the water and form sediment. The sedimentation process can be greatly improved, when Swedish Hydro Solutions’ HydroBox is incorporated into the treatment design. The application of the chitosan flocculant ensures the sedimentation process to occur much faster, resulting in clearer and purer water.

Sedimentation stands as a fundamental technology in water treatment, and typically serves as the initial step in removing contaminants from water, before undergoing further treatment such as BioMedia® filters.

At a workplace of this scale, managing significant water volumes, waiting for sedimentation isn't feasible. Within seconds, I could see the particles aggregating and settling to the bottom.

— Tony Elggren, Site manager, PEAB

Advantages with the technology


The sedimentation tanks are designed to ensure best correlation with flow and sedimentation velocity.

Compact footprint

The Lamella clarifiers provide an increased surface area within a limited space with a efficient solid-liquid separation.

Improved water quality

Allowing particles to settle aids in making the water clearer and purer, a fundamental technology in water treatment.
Sedimentationscontainer på rad

Sedimentation tanks

The sedimentation tanks are designed by Swedish Hydro Solutions to ensure best correlation with flow and sedimentation velocity. They can be used as both pre-sedimentation and sedimentation tanks. Several of the models have been optimized with built in over- and under weirs. These weirs improves the sedimentation process, and also help separate potential oil contamination in the treatment process.

The sedimentation tanks are available in the sizes:

  • 8m3
  • 24m3
  • 36m3

Lamella Clarifiers

Swedish Hydro Solutions Lamella Clarifiers come in various sizes, offering effective settling and treatment of particles and particle-associated contaminants. To achieve superior treatment results, these clarifiers are often paired with the Hydrobox. Equipped with a sludge scraper and sludge pump, the clarifiers continuously remove sludge from the hopper, ensuring the settling surfaces remain effective and preventing the accumulation of thick sludge layers for optimal performance.

The modular design allows them to be interconnected in parallel for larger flows. One significant advantage lies in their compact footprint, providing increased surface area within limited space and enhancing the efficiency of solid-liquid separation. This space-efficient design proves particularly advantageous in scenarios with space constraints or when retrofitting existing treatment plants.

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