Vattenrening industri

The industrial market

Water treatment for industrial stormwater refers to rainwater and groundwater that have come into contact with industrial activities and surfaces. Recycling facilities can be one example of an industry that often faces high contamination of soluble metals in their stormwater, which has to be treated before discharge. Regulatory authorities today put more stringent requirements on water leaving industrial sites, and often, it has to be treated locally within the industrial area itself. Industries are today facing increasing demands to comply with the regulations, but are also expressing an increasing interest to become more sustainable and show corporate responsibility.

Swedish Hydro Solutions' water treatment specialists, have worked with industrial stormwater over a long time, both in Sweden as well as in the U.S. The treatment designs and technology provided by Swedish Hydro Solutions ensure the most effective treatment solutions that fit industry standards.

Service and support are huge parts of a delivery. For us, this is at least as important as the price and the components of a treatment system, because a product is worthless if it does not work. Swedish Hydro Solutions has handled the support well in my opinion.

— Daniel Zetterman, Machinery Manager, Implenia

The solution for your market

Swedish Hydro Solutions treatment solutions centers around biodegradable environmentally friendly technologies, and maximizing safety for job site staff. For instance, chitosan is frequently utilized as a flocculent. Chitosan is a flocculant derived from shellfish industry by-products, and has proven to be a highly effective flocculant. Its water solubility eliminates the need for freshwater in the mixing process, and its user-friendly dosing technology enhances efficiency. Notably, chitosan is not only environmentally safe but poses no harm to individuals coming into contact with the treated water.

Vattenrening industri

Tailored projects

Swedish Hydro Solutions specialize in the design, implementation, and maintenance of both mobile and stationary treatment systems tailored for diverse industries. The expertise extends to serving producing industries, metal industries, scrapyards, recycling facilities, and more. Comprehensive assessments of both process water and internal stormwater are conducted, employing laboratory studies and piloting to determine the most effective and cost-efficient equipment for long-term use in your business. Whether your challenges involve high metal content, elevated BOD and/or COD levels, fluctuating pH, substantial organic content, or high suspended solids content, solutions customized to your industry's specific water needs are available. To address your unique requirements, you are invited to connect. Together, a plan can be devised to meet your outlet specifications and explore opportunities for water reuse within your processes.

Vattenrening industri

From start to finish

These are the steps when ordering a solution:

  • Step 1: Initiate contact, providing details regarding the project and the specific water treatment requirements.
  • Step 2: The project's documentation, investigations, and specified prerequisites are reviewed. If water samples are available, treatment tests are conducted in the laboratory.
  • Step 3: A well-dimensioned setup aligned with the project's objectives is proposed, emphasizing the attainment of predefined target values.
  • Step 4: The equipment is installed by the Swedish Hydro Solutions team. Throughout the installation phase, training on equipment operation is provided to the client. Regular visits are conducted to recalibrate instrumentation and supply necessary chemicals.
  • Step 5: Engagement spans the entire project lifecycle, encompassing planning, initiation, ongoing support, and eventual decommissioning.

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