The construction market

Treatment of stormwater and process water in construction- and infrastructure projects is a critical factor to ensure environmental sustainability. Typical pollutions within a construction project include high amounts of suspended solids, metals, as well as elevated pH, which needs to be adjusted. Depending on site conditions, there can be many other crucial matters that also needs to be addressed and managed. The construction sector has been one of the first markets where compliance with the European water directive regulations has been implemented. In addition to effective water treatment, an additional important factor that should be addressed is to also minimize the need of external fresh water that is used throughout a construction project.

Swedish Hydro Solutions offers high-quality technologies, knowledge, and user-friendly and safe equipment for effective water treatment. The treatment is typically based around the biodegradable high-quality chitosan flocculent, with the possibility to reuse the treated water within a project.

The water treatment technology is fantastic! I'm highly impressed with the removal of chromium VI and total chromium. It's precisely this type of solution we want to work with, where we can treat process water without the need to add hazardous chemicals.

— Therese Rönnkvist-Mickelson, Sustainability Manager Sweden, Implenia

The solution for your market

Swedish Hydro Solutions treatment solutions centers around biodegradable environmentally friendly technologies, and maximizing safety for job site staff. For instance, chitosan is frequently utilized as a flocculent. Chitosan is a flocculant derived from shellfish industry by-products, and has proven to be a highly effective flocculant. Its water solubility eliminates the need for freshwater in the mixing process, and its user-friendly dosing technology enhances efficiency. Notably, chitosan is not only environmentally safe but poses no harm to individuals coming into contact with the treated water.

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Tailored projects

Swedish Hydro Solutions consistently tailor the project dimensions by leveraging actual data on water conditions, project-specific regulations, and environmental factors. Meticulous assessment of the land type, drilling technologies employed, potential cement injections, and any nearby industrial activities that may impact groundwater quality. To ensure comprehensive insights, thorough water tests are conducted in dedicated laboratories. The goal is to equip your project with the necessary tools and knowledge. Over the years, Swedish Hydro Solutions' experienced water treatment specialists have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in providing precise solutions. This applies even in situations where water samples or information are unavailable.

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From start to finish

These are the steps when ordering a solution:

  • Step 1: Initiate contact, providing details regarding the project and the specific water treatment requirements.
  • Step 2: The project's documentation, investigations, and specified prerequisites are reviewed. If water samples are available, treatment tests are conducted in the laboratory.
  • Step 3: A well-dimensioned setup aligned with the project's objectives is proposed, emphasizing the attainment of predefined target values.
  • Step 4: The equipment is installed by the Swedish Hydro Solutions team. Throughout the installation phase, training on equipment operation is provided to the client. Regular visits are conducted to recalibrate instrumentation and supply necessary chemicals.
  • Step 5: Engagement spans the entire project lifecycle, encompassing planning, initiation, ongoing support, and eventual decommissioning.

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