automatsikt system för ph justering

pH Adjustment

Adjusting the pH value is often required as part of a water treatment processes. In many projects it is a requirement from the regulating authority. In addition, it enables and secures an optimal and effective treatment process. The adjustment of pH is usually performed as the primary treatment step in a larger process, upstream from the HydroBox.

ph justering med koldioxid

Automated system

The Swedish Hydro Solutions automated pH adjustment system provides the capability of automatically reducing pH levels by using CO2. This is relevant both to optimize the flocculation process and in cases where the pH of incoming water exceeds the discharge criteria. With Swedish Hydro Solutions pH adjustment technology, the desired pH value can be programmed into the 'pH dosing unit'. A unit that measures incoming pH and provides the adjusted dosing of CO2 to achieve correct pH for outgoing water.

The use of carbon dioxide is typically advocated because of its precision, easiness of control and safety aspects in the total pH-adjustment process. This controlled approach minimizes the risk of overshooting the targeted pH level, and it offers a safer alternative compared to strong acids. The latter may be corrosive and potentially harmful to handle for service personnel.

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