Oil Absorbent

Swedish Hydro Solutions environmentally friendly oil absorbent is designed to effectively contain and control oil and other hydrocarbons, while at the same time repelling water. Through a patented process, the absorbent is crafted from reclaimed wood pulp obtained from the manufacturing of paper products. Unlike traditional polypropylene sorbents, this absorbent prevents the leaching and draining of absorbed hydrocarbons by trapping and containing the oil within the cellulose fibers of the material.

Rena olja från vatten

Managing hydrocarbons

The oil absorbent can be applied across various areas, tailored to specific needs for containing and controlling hydrocarbons. Often it is composed in mesh bags that are added as a top layer inside the Swedish Hydro Solutions BioMedia® filters. These filter modules measure approximately 1 cubic meter. The water destined for filtration is directed through distribution pipes, and evenly showered over the filter bed. Filtration takes place under gravity through the filter bed, and the treated water exits from the lower part of the filter.

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