The Mining market

Mining activities often generate high volumes of water with a wide range of contaminants, such as high levels of suspended solids and heavy metals. Other pollutants may also be present, depending on the specific mining operation. Proper water treatment is required to ensure compliance with regulations, allowing water to be recycled and reused within the mining industry. This contributes to protecting the local ecosystem and promoting sustainable mining practices. Swedish Hydro Solutions' treatment processes and use of biodegradable flocculants ensure that mining industries can effectively treat and reuse water within their projects.

Thanks to the water treatment plant, we have maintained a healthy work environment while simultaneously conducting work continuously.

— Elin Elfwering, Production Manager, SKANSKA


The solution for your market

In response to the unique challenges within the mining industry, Swedish Hydro Solutions water treatment solutions excel in both separation efficiency and adaptability to varying sizes. The versatile products can be installed either within the mine itself or on the surface. A key aspect of the approach is the emphasis on water reuse within the mining process after treatment, contributing to reducing reliance on external water sources.

Vattenrening industri

From start to finish

These are the steps when ordering a solution:

  • Step 1: Initiate contact, providing details regarding the project and the specific water treatment requirements.
  • Step 2: The project's documentation, investigations, and specified prerequisites are reviewed. If water samples are available, treatment tests are conducted in the laboratory.
  • Step 3: A well-dimensioned setup aligned with the project's objectives is proposed, emphasizing the attainment of predefined target values.
  • Step 4: The equipment is installed by the Swedish Hydro Solutions team. Throughout the installation phase, training on equipment operation is provided to the client. Regular visits are conducted to recalibrate instrumentation and supply necessary chemicals.
  • Step 5: Engagement spans the entire project lifecycle, encompassing planning, initiation, ongoing support, and eventual decommissioning.

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