The HydroBox

For a typical Swedish Hydro Solutions project, the Hydrobox is at the heart of the water treatment solution. Primarily it contains the patented dosing system for correct dosing of the unique chitosan flocculant. Several other technical functions are also included in the Hydrobox, such as electronic controls and monitoring of water quality parameters.

If needed for a specific project, additional treatment chemistry can be added to the treatment process inside the HydroBox. One nameworthy example is the treatment chemistry named RedOx3, which has been developed by Swedish Hydro Solutions. RedOx3 is used in the treatment process for the removal of Hexavalent Chromium.

The Hydrobox container is insulated and heated. It is available as a 10-fot container, 20-foot container or a smaller and more mobile trailer system.

It sounded somewhat unusual to utilize chitosan, a polymer extracted from crab shells. However, it is evidently effective. We have also installed new filters and are now approaching a point where we can hardly detect any previous contaminations in the outgoing water. No other supplier, employing various technologies, has come close to achieving similar results.

— Mikael Larsson, Production manager, Skanska

Advantages of the HydroBox


The Hydrobox has capacity to treat up to 50 m3 per hour, and the treatment capacity can easily be scaled up for higher flows if needed.

Biodegradable material

The treatment chemistry chitosan is a completely biodegradable material derived from crab shells.

Safe for workers

For worker safety, the HydroBox has separate chemical storage rooms. Additionally, using chitosan provides superior safety compared to traditional water treatment chemicals.

Biodegradable treatment

The treatment chemistry chitosan is a completely biodegradable substance derived from crab shells. In the U.S., the chitosan water treatment method has been named a “Best Management Practices” (BMP) for stormwater treatment. BMP’s are methods which have been approved by the state regulatory agencies to meet the federal water treatment legislation, the so-called Clean Water Act.

The consequent technology is based on flocculation and sedimentation of particles and other particle-bound contaminants. It was originally developed in Seattle, USA, where it has proven to be a highly effective method for water treatment. Swedish Hydro Solutions has refined the treatment method, leading to reduced costs, enhanced reliability, and a system that is more user-friendly and serviceable.


Cloud-based monitoring

The Hydrobox monitoring system operates as a cloud-based surveillance platform. Standard measurements include water flow, pH, turbidity, as well as conductivity, with additional features available upon request. Numerous safety features have been incorporated to ensure the success of all projects. A typical example is the assembled control system enabling the management of external pumps that supply the treatment system. In the event of any issues or the potential risk of flooding, due to a higher-than-design incoming flow, the system can automatically be triggered to halt pumping of incoming water. In close cooperation with customers, project data are reviewed on a daily basis, in order to establish automatic alarms; which in their turn ensure a smooth and efficient process throughout the project.

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