Sludge Treatment

Suspended solids that are separated in the process of producing clean water turn into sediment, or sludge, which needs to be handled in every water treatment project.

Sludge management and treatment can be executed in several ways. When traditional sedimentation tanks are used, the sludge will need to be pumped out after lowering the water levels in the sedimentation tanks. Whereas the Swedish Hydro Solutions so-called lamella clarifiers include an automated sludge pump, which means that sludge can be emptied continuously during the water treatment operation, without interruptions.

An additional step can be the de-watering of the sludge. This can result in significant economic savings by reducing the volume and weight of the sludge that needs to be transported off-site. Sludge containing less water is often also less costly to manage at the receiving-end facility.

They managed to remove all the particles and mud from the drilling water, making it crystal clear. We succeeded in meeting Gothenburg’s high demands - the water also became significantly cleaner than the reference value.

— Åsa Wetterberg, Construction Project Manager, Jernhusen

Slamhantering genom avvattningstub

Dewatering bags

The dewatering bag is a passive dewatering method and Swedish Hydro Solutions offers a variety of bag sizes depending on the application. Sludge is being pumped into a dewatering bag, designed to allow water to pass through the geotextile, while retaining the sediment. For the infrastructure and construction industry, tunneling projects, or similar applications, this is often a very cost-effective method.

Slamhantering genom avvattningstank

Dewatering Box

The so-called Dewatering Box from Rain for Rent® offers an optimal solution for environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and secure dewatering of solid sludge and slurry at construction sites and various other applications. The sludge is introduced into the Dewatering Box, where it is allowed to settle, while water is filtered out from both the sides as well as the bottom of the container.

The container size of the Dewatering Box is 14 m3.

Slamhantering genom skraptank

Sludge Conveyor Tank

Sludge Conveyor Tanks are often used to handle and dewater sludge from the Swedish Hydro Solutions lamella clarifiers. They can even be used as an initial pre-treatment step for solids removal in projects with very high levels of suspended solids in the incoming water. The sludge is transported out of the container using a scraper conveyor system, effectively resulting in the dewatering of the sludge.

The Scraper conveyor tank is recommended for projects where larger amounts of sludge are being generated.

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