Meet our intern Alexander Kindbom

Alexander is just over 30 years old, lives in Alingsås, and have a genuine interest in food, as well as motorcycling, cycling, constructions, and seeing how things work. He is right now studying to become a Water and wastewater engineer in Gothenburg and is doing his first internship here at Swedish Hydro Solutions.

Besides his studies, Alexander has a background as a construction blacksmith and, if he may brag a little, he has manufactured steel structures for the new Munch Museum in Norway. He has also worked as a craftsman, focusing on chimney renovations, fireplace installations, and ventilation systems.


What made you apply for an internship at Swedish Hydro Solutions?

– I wanted to stay close to where I live, so I did a quick Google search to see which companies in Alingsås dealt with water. I found SweHydro's website, read a bit, and initially doubted my fit knowledge-wise. It felt like taking a shot in the dark when I sent an email to Leo (former CEO). However, I received a quick response, was invited for a visit, and immediately felt this was the right place for my internship. I have no regrets – I’m thriving!

What have you been doing during your internship?

– What haven't I done? Jokes aside, I have experienced a wide variety of tasks. I’ve handled product manufacturing, part replacement, disassembly and assembly, troubleshooting, and customer visits. I was also involved in everything from preparation and packing to the day we set up. I was on-site for everything from unloading the truck to assembling the piping system.

You are never too old to learn new things, and there are absolutely no bad questions. Swedish Hydro Solutions has really taken the time to share their knowledge and answered my questions. Discussions arise where you brainstorm with each other, finding different solutions to problems, which is fantastic to see. You are all passionate knowledge bearers, and it shows.

— Alexander Kindbom, Intern, Swedish Hydro Solutions


Is there something specific that you will take with you going forward?

– Many things from different areas will stay with me, even though I have only scratched the surface. Above all, I have increased my knowledge of mobile water treatment solutions and their processes.

– Finding solutions, sometimes you have to experiment even if you think it won't work, and it turns out to be an optimal solution after all.

–I'll also carry the sense of community with me, where the atmosphere is vibrant, and everyone supports each other in all aspects.

Finally, we would like to welcome Alexander to Swedish Hydro Solutions, as he will continue working here as a part-time service technician alongside his studies.

Interested in doing your internship with us?

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