Meet Andreas Pettersson

Andreas Pettersson has been involved in the development of Swedish Hydro Solutions from its business idea and startup phase to a closely held company. Now, as the driving force behind the largest water treatment projects in Sweden, the company operates as an entrepreneurial entity, implementing its entirely unique solutions. – We are the most adept in the industry, he asserts proudly.

Andreas Pettersson holds a degree in chemistry from the University of Gothenburg and has complemented his education with studies in biology, a combination that has proven incredibly valuable. Starting as a field technician, within a year, he transitioned into the role of project manager, where he oversees project progress and ensures successful completion. Despite his managerial responsibilities, the company's size allows for a dynamic work environment, and it's not confined to a purely office-based setting. On average, Andreas spends two out of five workdays in the field, though this distribution varies significantly throughout the year.

Stimulating variety

When initiating a new water treatment project, the intensity of fieldwork increases. This trend continues during the project's completion phase. In the interim, the project manager can shift focus towards administrative tasks, addressing customer inquiries, and preparing new quotations. During this period, the project manager evaluates diverse equipment preferences, flow parameters, and treatment requirements in line with potential customers' needs, ultimately presenting well-considered budgets.

Andreas Pettersson is currently overseeing between three and five projects simultaneously. His current workload includes two projects in Gothenburg, a hospital construction in Malmö, and the Förbifart Stockholm project.

– Malmö is progressing well, so I've only been there twice this year. For Stockholm, I've been making monthly trips throughout the fall, he says.

In the field, the project manager and field technician frequently collaborate closely, as Andreas explains it. While the project manager tends to have more customer interaction and may delegate slightly more to the technician, roles and tasks remain flexible, and formal hierarchies are notably absent. The company exudes a familial atmosphere, where short decision-making paths contribute to a sense of cohesion and efficiency.

– There's a brief distance between conceptualizing ideas and bringing them to reality. We all share a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for exploring new solutions. If I want to try something, it doesn't have to go through five desks first.

One must also operate effectively within a team, outwardly demonstrating an affinity for addressing customers' challenges and collaborating internally within the company. Cooperative teamwork is integral to our operations.

— Andreas Pettersson, Project Manager, Swedish Hydro Solutions

A varied and challenging job

The most rewarding aspect of the job for Andreas is tackling the most challenging projects—situations where contaminated and demanding water transforms into clean drinking water. What makes him proudest is being part of the journey during which Swedish Hydro Solutions' water treatment system evolved from early prototypes to a finished product.

Many within the company highlight the environmental aspect as a driving force. For Andreas, it's more of a bonus. Working for a company that contributes to the advancement of sustainable water treatment is something he doesn't dwell on daily; it has become second nature, he says. What he finds more engaging and enjoyable are the technical details—ensuring a project in Stockholm runs smoothly.

Andreas believes that to be a successful project manager at Swedish Hydro Solutions, one must possess problem-solving skills, be flexible, adapt to varying conditions, and make swift decisions.

– Additionally, being a team player is essential, both when dealing with customers—enjoying the challenge of addressing their needs—and within the company itself. Collaboration is a significant part of our work.

Qualities a project manager needs according to Andreas:

  • Customer-focused, enjoy tackling customer challenges.
  • Flexible, capable of making quick decisions.
  • Effective team player, both internally and externally.

Looking ahead, what does the future hold for the company and Andreas personally?

– It's clear that we are set for growth. We are currently in the process of establishing routines to facilitate the seamless integration of new hires into the company. This is a new undertaking for us, and it becomes even more crucial as we expand.

– Swedish Hydro Solutions will play a significant role in water treatment, both in Sweden and abroad. As for the precise path we'll chart, only time will tell. Nevertheless, I am committed to being part of the journey, regardless of the direction it takes.