Meet Magnus Bernhardsson

Magnus is the former carpenter and motorhome mechanic who shifted career paths to become a service technician in water treatment. Since joining the company in 2020, he has progressed to the position of First Technician, owing to his extensive practical knowledge in water treatment.

– It was primarily the noble cause that drew me to Swedish Hydro Solutions—doing something for the environment that truly matters in the world.

Magnus Bernhardsson's professional life has been characterized by craftsmanship. For a long time, he alternated between working as a carpenter on home and apartment renovations and refurbishing and maintaining motorhomes. However, in 2020, he learned that Swedish Hydro Solutions was looking for service technicians.

– I thought it sounded exciting and interesting, so I went there and had a conversation with them.

Magnus Bernhardsson sounds proud as he explains that it was the good cause that motivated him to apply for the job.

– Doing something for the environment is what truly matters in the world. It feels like a meaningful job, and the company itself has a vision for the future.

It was during the application process that he learned about Swedish Hydro Solutions' innovative technology for treating process water and wastewater using Chitosan extracted from crab shells in the food industry.

– The first time, I almost thought it sounded too good to be true. It's very fascinating that it works, especially that you can find a new use for a byproduct. You don't need to manufacture anything new; it's all about finding a purpose for what already exists.

A varied job with good relationships

Working as a service technician at Swedish Hydro Solutions involves alternating between fieldwork and working in the workshop or at the office in Alingsås. For Magnus Bernhardsson, no two days are the same, and he enjoys the variety.

– It's diverse work and a change of environment almost every day, and I really enjoy that.

In the workshop, equipment is built from scratch. In projects, there's often some issue that needs to be addressed. A sensor might need calibration, or a pump might need replacement. Usually, it's the project manager who maintains daily contact with the customer and learns of issues that need attention. The project manager contacts Magnus and his colleagues, who then go out to inspect the situation. He talks to the customer, explains what he's going to do, and estimates how long it will take.

– We usually have some pleasant conversations as well. Because most of the time, it's the same people we meet in the field, so we build relationships with them.

After he has resolved the issue, Magnus provides feedback to the project contractor about what was addressed.

Communicative, handy, and solution-oriented

These are the qualities Magnus mentions as essential in his role as a service technician.

– Not having two left hands helps. There are usually no straightforward solutions, so you have to do some troubleshooting on-site with what you have in the car and in your toolbox.

Making quick decisions adds excitement to the job, according to Magnus.

– It's exciting. If something is urgent, you can't stand around thinking for too long; sometimes, things need to happen quickly.

It feels like I can talk about most things with my colleagues. While you have friends and family, colleagues become close to you in a different way. You develop a completely different relationship that can be useful and bring joy.

— Magnus Bernhardsson, First Technician, Swedish Hydro Solutions

A wonderful team, even at a distance

Magnus Bernhardsson describes the Swedish Hydro Solutions team as a fantastic group that works well together and has fun. One fond memory is the company's conference on Vinga Island in the Gothenburg archipelago, which was able to proceed despite COVID-19 and associated restrictions.

– We stayed overnight, fished for mackerel, and had a great dinner. It was fantastic. The past year hasn't been the easiest to plan activities, but we've adapted and still managed to do things together.

Focus on learning and understanding

Six months into the job, Magnus still feels relatively new. He hasn't had a chance to think about long-term goals yet.

– I want to learn and feel completely confident in what I do. There are different systems we use for sampling and sensors. And then there's the chemistry aspect, something I hadn't worked with before.

Magnus provides examples of questions that might pop into his head—things he didn't know initially but has learned over time: If I pour this substance, why does it behave like that? Why does the water behave in this way? Is it due to our process, or are there other factors at play?

– There are very open dialogues among everyone here. If someone encounters something unusual, we discuss it and absorb all the information we can. I'm someone who learns best by doing, but it's good to have the information in the back of my mind.

He feels that the workplace is a safe environment because everyone helps and shares knowledge.

–It feels like I can talk about most things with my colleagues. While you have friends and family, colleagues become close to you in a different way. You develop a completely different relationship that can be useful and bring joy.

Can we say there's a culture of learning at Swedish Hydro Solutions?

– Yes, you could say that. There's no attitude of "I know this; it's my thing." Instead, everyone strives for everyone to know as much as possible.