Catch Basin Filter for stormwater systems


Swedish Hydro Solutions' catch basin filter can be used to improve water quality by reducing pollution into a city’s underground stormwater system. Common contaminants that need to be removed or reduced include suspended material, heavy metals, oil, and organic pollutants.

The solution consists of a filter insert made of geotextile. The filter insert is easily installed into a street catch basin and captures sediments from all water entering the catch basin well.

The filter insert also offers the option to include mesh bags with BioMedia®: an effective filter media for the treatment of heavy metals, oil, PFAS and other organic pollutants. An additional mesh bag with an oil absorbent can also be added to the filter insert, for additional removal of oil.

As demonstrated in a project together with MSB (The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency), the filter can also be used to quickly implement treatment after a fire to treat extinguishing water, for example after putting out a car fire. The tests showed that a filter with BioMedia and oil absorbent can give significant treatment of both PFAS and heavy metals, as well as organic contaminants.

Treatment of extinguishing water and PFAS

Since BioMedia® provides effective treatment of PFAS, the Swedish Hydro Solutions' catch basin filters can also be used for treatment of extinguishing water, for example after the extinguishing of a local car fire.

In a public test-bed (under the supervision of the Swedish Public Safety and Preparedness Authority (MSB) and organized by WIN Guard) BioMedia® showed its effectiveness taking care of environmental pollutants from water used to extinguish fires. The test showed highly effective treatment of both PFAS, organic contaminants and heavy metals. The results from the MSB showed that BioMedia resulted in more than eleven times higner treatment efficiency for copper, nickel and zinc, when compared to the closest other treatment solution evaluated during the test.

During the MSB test days in Revinge, Swedish Hydro Solutions demonstrated the catch basin filters as a possible way to easily perform water treatment during or directly after a fire. Participants expressed a clear interest in such flexible solution that can be installed quickly and easily.

A large number of other applications

Swedish Hydro Solutions' catch basin filters can be used by a variety of customers and for a wide range of applications. Installing the filters in street catch basins near construction sites can protect communal stormwater networks from clogging caused by suspended material. In areas with industrial activities on hard or tarmac surfaces, the filters can reduce elevated levels of heavy metals that often accumulate. Around petrol stations, the filters can shield stormwater recipients from oil and other hydrocarbons.

Logically, a filter the size of our catch basin, will not deliver as thorough treatment as a full-scale water treatment system typically designed and provided by Swedish Hydro Solutions. However, for certain applications and projects, the filters prove to be a practical and useful solution.

Over the past seven years, Swedish Hydro Solutions' catch basin filters have been used in numerous projects with significant treatment results and satisfied users.

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