HydroBox Mobile Trailer System

The HydroBox mobile trailer system – discover the latest upgrades


Swedish Hydro Solutions has several ongoing projects in and around Stockholm. In three of these projects, and now also one in Gothenburg, we have integrated our HydroBox in the form of a mobile trailer system. This system has recently undergone a series of significant upgrades.

At Swedish Hydro Solutions, the HydroBox is a central component in our water treatment solutions, available in both 10- and 20-foot containers as well as a mobile trailer system. Previously, the trailer system only included our patented dosing system and dosing pumps, but it is now complete and offers the same high-quality solutions as our standardized containers. It is equipped with more dosing pumps, integrated piping, flow meters, and cloud-based monitoring. There is also the possibility for supported dosing with RedOx3, our environmentally friendly and non-toxic substance used for treating hexavalent chromium.

The new piping layout in the trailer system is also done with PE pipes, which require less maintenance and are more robust, resulting in greater durability in the long run.

– We have implemented these changes to our the trailer system to better meet our customers’ needs. Today, they have more complex water requriements, necessitating increased water quality monitoring, as well as the ability to dose RedOx3 for treating hexavalent chromium. Now, we can acclomplish all of this within the trailer system as well, says Oskar von Krusenstierna, product developer at Swedish Hydro Solutions.

A reduction of over 95 % in suspended solids

In addition to the HydroBox, the installations in Stockholm also include our sedimentation containers, lamella separators, and sludge treatment. Together, they form a solution that treats a variety of contaminants, from suspended solids, copper, zinc, phospohorus to hexavalent chromium. These contaminants would have a significant impact on Stockholm’s nearby recipients if the water in the projects were not treated before being discharged.

– When we began measuring the water in one of the projects, we observed very high levels of suspended solids and several metals. After our treatment with the trailer system, we now have a reduction of over 95% in suspended solids. Further reduction can be achieved with subsequent filters, but it proved to be unnecessary, says Henrik Larsson, project manager at Swedish Hydro Solutions.

The HydroBox as a mobile trailer system is ideal for projects with lower flows, stringent requirements and for those requiring the flexibility to move the treatment system as needed. Want more information about our HydroBox? Please visit the link below.

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