Impact Gazelle of the Year 2021


Swedish Hydro Solutions is the proud winner of Di Gasell’s newly established “Impact Gazelle of the Year” (Årets Impactgasell) award. It is an honorary award that recognizes the gazelle company that not only shows strong growth, but also conducts business in a manner that influences society in a sustainable direction.

The jury consisted of sustainability managers from Di Gasell’s partner companies, and the jury work was led by Mikael Salo, editor-in-chief at Aktuell Hållbarhet.

– This is a huge achievement for us, says Anders Lindqvist, co-founder and marketing director of Swedish Hydro Solutions.

–The desire to create sustainable change for our industry is part of our clear vision. It is the very reason we started the company in the first place. Receiving this award is proof that we are actually making a difference in society; that we are helping to protect the precious resource of clean water with a long-term perspective.

Dagens industri has recognized that our company and our water treatment technology are an important part of societal development, with sustainability being one of the most important issues for the business sector. We are really proud of what we have achieved.

— Anders Lindqvist, Founder and owner, Swedish Hydro Solutions

A positive impact on the industry

Swedish Hydro Solutions was founded in 2015 and is the leading water treatment company in the construction and civil engineering industry. We treat large volumes of stormwater and drainage water in a sustainable and efficient way. We help our customers meet the environmental requirements, and we also create a good overall economy in the projects by avoiding transports, constant filter changes and interruptions.

Water is a key foundation of society. Access to clean water, once a given in Sweden, is increasingly becoming a problem. It is therefore important that we protect our water resources. Our goal is to use sustainable methods to fundamentally change the industry, not only in Sweden, but throughout Europe.

– We hope that this attention can have a positive impact and ultimately influence how clients, as well as decision-makers, authorities and politicians, deal with the issue of water treatment. This is particularly important today, when major resources are being invested in huge infrastructure projects in metropolitan areas.

– We have a positive view of the future. We are successful and we are growing. This is a sign that we are on the right track, offering the services that are increasingly in demand in the industry. Sustainability has become important for any company that wants to be successful, and that applies to our industry as well, concludes Anders.

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