Swehydro invests in Sales, Marketing and Warehousing


Warehouse management, project management in Stockholm, increased marketing efforts and a new sales organisation. With the help of four new recruits, Swedish Hydro Solutions takes a next step as part of its growth strategy.

In 2022, Swedish Hydro Solutions grew by hiring four new colleagues from the Clean Water Engineering acquisition, and engaged a new project manager in Alingsås. Four additional employees have now joined the organization, strengthening its capabilities in project management, sales, marketing, and warehousing. The company now employs 21 people, up from six when it first started.

– We have successfully hired four highly skilled individuals with extensive backgrounds in their fields. The fact that we were able to hire these new coworkers makes me very happy. The additions help the business in its ongoing expansion endeavors, according to Swedish Hydro Solutions CEO Leo de Meere.

Organic growth pending EU water directive compliance

The EU's water directive sets strict requirements for water treatment. However, at the moment, there are still many actors in Europe that are offered an exemption from the directive. Allowing them to release untreated water to a recipient even though it does not meet the standards. In Sweden, all (open) water must achieve a “good” ecological status by 2027 at the latest; from then on, exceptions will no longer be granted.

When the exceptions disappear, our market will be gigantic. In the meantime, our plan is to grow organically, at a pace that is adequate to meet market demands, says Leo de Meere, CEO of Swedish Hydro Solutions.

— Leo de Meere, CEO, Swedish Hydro Solutions

The four new recruitments strengthen the company in the following areas:

  • Build our own warehouse: Swedish Hydro Solutions only maintained a small inventory until lately. Currently, in order to always be able to meet an urgent need, the company has improved the organization by hiring a warehouse manager and investing in a new warehouse as well as additional storage spaces for containers and other solution components.
  • Setting up a sales organization: Since the company's inception, sales of Swedish Hydro Solutions' solutions has primarily been managed by the company's own leadership. Now the company has hired a full-time sales manager to run the sales process much more efficiently.
  • Project management in Stockholm: Stockholm is a growing market for Swedish Hydro Solutions, with an increasing number of projects coming in. Consequently, the Stockholm office, which already has sales and technical support staff, is now being reinforced with a project manager. This shift in responsibility for the Stockholm region from project managers located at the head office in Alingsås.
  • Increased marketing: With a larger organization, the needs to support sales efforts with professional marketing materials, ranging from brochures and training materials to partner websites, are growing. To meet this demand, the company has hired a marketing coordinator.

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