Full-scale water treatment for industrial customer in Halmstad


Swedish Hydro Solutions has delivered yet another full-scale water treatment system to a materials handling company in the recycling industry. The system was installed in June 2024 and treats up to 40 cubic meters of water per hour.

Many industrial customers operate on large areas. In this case, rainwater is collected from paved surfaces on a 100,000 m2 site. With this investment, the customer aims to prepare for the stricter discharge level requirements, expected to be implemented from October 1.

The rainwater from the paved surfaces is collected in a massive basin, where it is treated before being discharged into the recipient. The system consists of a technology container, a tank for flocculation and precipitation, two lamella separators, and a collection container. Here, the water is measured and controlled before being discharged. At this stage, the system is configured to be able to redirect the flow through BioMedia® filters, should it prove necessary in the future.

The treatment system is designed primarily to handle metals and suspended materials. The contract initially runs for one year, with the possibility of extension.

The treatment systems from Swedish Hydro Solutions are connected, providing both continuous remote monitoring and alarm functions to ensure a robust and reliable treatment process.

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